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Winter Construction at Elk Rapids Schools

Contractors have been braving winter conditions to move construction along at Elk Rapids Middle School and High School Campuses

Elk Rapids High School: The gym addition has been making progress through recent winter storms. Bay Masonry has been on site all winter working through sun and snow to get walls up. As seen in pictures below, the gymnasium area is really starting to take shape and creative vision is becoming a reality.

Construction reaches another milestone as steel is beginning to take shape. You can see that some areas are starting to get roofs installed. As always, having a large crane set up and roaming the site is an exciting task sure to draw some onlookers.

Even though Sunrise Academy has been in session, the sign makes it feel more official.

Elk Rapids Middle School progress trudges along through snow but can't be stopped. Straus Masonry has built the first walls of the future media center. Sprik Concrete has been working hard digging out snow and pouring concrete to stay ahead of masonry work. If you look closely at photos, you can see insulated blankets and tents built by those to hold heat. These are crucial to keep the ground and materials thawed through subfreezing temperatures.

Without the contractors going through these extra precautions, construction progress would literally be "put on ice".

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