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February Construction Progress

Both projects have made substantial progress through the month of February.

Elk Rapids High School:

Every day the High School project moves closer and closer to completion. The new main entrance is through inspections and is just waiting on some final touches for student use. Access controls are finalizing secure entry and painters are working on their final touch ups. Pictures below show this space which will soon be open for students.

The High School Gym Addition is moving through finishes at a rapid pace. Basketball hoops are nearly complete, and bleachers have been installed. Glass has been installed at main entry so temp walls were finally taken down. This allowed above ceiling mechanical and electrical to finish and ceilings/drywall to start. Carpenters have installed the new trophy case and tile layers have been hard at work to finish bathrooms and locker rooms. We will soon see the gym floor contractor back on site to finish with sealing and striping of gym floor. Week by week, this area is finishing an exciting journey to completion.

See photos below for some progress pictures on the Gym Addition.

Elk Rapids Middle School:

Elk Rapids Middle School has made substantial progress through the month of February. The new main corridor steel is all set with some small detailing remaining. Roof decking will continue being set with carpenters and roofers ready to get this area dried in over the coming weeks. Contractors are excited to see progress in this area so we can make the final building connections and tie into existing systems. Photos below show some of the new steel structure.

Inside the new science wing contractors have been pushing hard since temp heat was installed. Masons have finished with interior walls. Painters have primed and got first coat on majority of walls. Plumbers and electricians are continuing with overhead water and power, bringing this area that much closer to final form. Lockers have been built and are being stored offsite with cabinets being delivered/installed in the next week. Countertops will arrive in the weeks following. It has been exciting to see recent progress take shape so quickly at this project.

We would like to thank Elk Rapids staff, students, and community for their continued support. A huge thank you to Middle School Principal Josh Haggerty for the aerial photos seen above.

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