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Summer Progress Photos

Since things have been moving so quickly these last couple of weeks, we wanted to show some progress photos of work that's been completed at Elk Rapids Schools.

Elk Rapids High School

Below are some photos of the gym and locker rooms. You can see that all of the steel is up for the track and handrails have been installed. In the locker rooms, masons have built bases for benches and lockers. Painters have started on numerous walls throughout the addition.

Exterior finishes are progressing at a solid pace.

The new office area has walls up and roof structure is being complete.

High School Phase II

The art room is coming together as drywallers finish sanding at new skylights.

Frames have been installed and painting has started in areas of the media center. Drywallers are working hard to get the remaining area ready for paint.

Elk Rapids Middle School

Roof structure has been installed through most of the new addition. The new entry canopy is starting to take shape.

Demo crews have been working hard to tear out old rooms for building tie in.

Masons have finished spray insulation to prepare for face brick install.

Mill Creek Elementary

A New wall has been installed to prepare for folding partition.

Site crews are hard at work digging for new parking lot, curb, drive, and retention pond.

Lakeland Elementary

Bathrooms are moving along as ceiling grid is in and painting has started.

Classrooms are taking shape with new lights and ceilings bringing things together. Some of the rooms even have finished millwork installed. Flooring has been delivered and will be starting next week.

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