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Ready for a New School Year

Contractors have been working hard to bring everything together for the new school year.

Elk Rapids High School:

Contractors having been pushing along at the High School Project. Nearly all concrete floors are poured and roofing tied in. After glass is field measured and installed, we will have a weathertight building. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fire suppression contractors have been running overhead ducting and piping to get a jump on rough in. Framers have installed ceiling grid at locker rooms as well.

The track and gym are coming together. Steel handrail has been installed along the track and concrete poured. After contractors are finished with overhead work flooring can begin on track and gym surfaces.

Things are progressing at the new main entry. Framing and HVAC/Electrical rough ins have begun. Outside curb has been installed and new asphalt is finished. The parking lot is ready for students to return.

Elk Rapids High School Phase II:

The new media center and art room are ready for students to return. HVAC units have been set in classrooms, ready to be fired up this winter. Contractors will be in finishing up some loose ends over breaks in the school year, but we are excited for students to return. Take a look below at some photos of the new media center.

Elk Rapids Elementaries:

Teachers have been working hard at Lakeland Elementary to get their new classrooms ready for the school year. Contractors did a great job these past few weeks to get everything finished and inspected to ensure safe and functional spaces for students. Take a look below to see some of the finished areas.

Mill Creek will have a brand-new entrance and parking lot on the first day of school. Pics below show progress during asphalt paving earlier this week. Inside the building everything is prepped for a new partition at gym/cafeteria. Right now, the old one is still standing but will be expeditiously swapped for new once it delivers. Students will have a more efficient heating system when this winter hits as well.

Elk Rapids Middle School:

Students will enjoy a more efficient boiler this winter as install is nearly complete. The state inspector has approved construction walls to ensure a safe learning environment for students. Outside on the new addition, floors have been graded and prepped for concrete. Just a few loose ends on some underground work and concrete slabs will be poured. Masons have been working around from East side of building on brick, giving a peek at the new building facade. Footings have been dug near Principal Haggerty's office to start building tie in. See below for progress pictures.

We would like to thank all ERPS staff, students, and community for their patience and support through this summer. We hope everyone enjoys the recently completed projects and look forward to continued support as we finish remaining projects.

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