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May Construction Update

Contractors are gearing up for a busy summer.

Elk Rapids High School: Contractors are working hard to get the building addition enclosed. Gym progress continues as ironworkers finish off steel and roof structure. Ironworkers have moved inside the gym to hang steel for the indoor walking track. Bay Masonry is moving forward with interior walls and exterior face brick. Roofers and carpenters have been taking advantage of excellent weather to get roofing installed.

Gymnasium Pictured Below:

Inside the building, plumbers and electricians have been starting to install piping from ceiling as areas open up. They have finished up underground in preparation of concrete floors being poured in the next couple of weeks.

The new main entrance will be seeing some concrete foundations starting up next week. Elmers was recently on site digging out wet clay and filling with stone to prep. Masons will follow close behind to bring that section of building out of the ground.

Cherryland Middle School: Steel structure has started to take shape. Ironworkers were on site last week setting steel to help other trades keep moving. All underground storm and sewer piping has been completed and approved by State Inspectors.

The building pad has been graded and brought to floor height, making it easier for masons to continue building walls. Electricians and plumbers are following close behind to run any in wall piping.

Crews are preparing for a busy summer by gathering materials and planning manpower needs. As soon as students are out, contractors will be in the school to continue with demo and remodel for a seamless transition from old building to new addition.

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