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July Construction Update

Mill Creek and Lakeland Elementaries:

Contractors have been hard at work in the elementary schools this month. Both of these buildings have tight schedules to ensure that students can be back in class for a new school year.

Crews have been pushing hard at Lakeland to get ready for the new interiors. Underground and in wall plumbing has been completed and concrete floors have been poured back in place. It may look rough now, but contractors will be working on painting, flooring, and ceilings in these areas soon enough. It will be exciting to have some new classrooms for students returning from summer break.

Plumbers have been working above ceilings at Mill Creek, swapping out and cleaning heating/cooling components to create a more efficient system. Excavators have been moving dirt to prep for new parking out front and getting ready for some concrete curbs. Keep an eye out these next few weeks and the front lot will start coming together.

Cherryland Middle School:

Things at the middle school may not have been as noticeable this summer since contractors have taken advantage of an empty building to get some work done inside. Plumbers and pipefitters have demolished all old heating and mechanical systems and set new equipment in the boiler room. They have also been moving in and out of ceilings throughout the entire building to prep for future tie ons and demo as progress moves through each phase.

Outside on the new structure, crews have been putting in some footings and building masonry walls to keep things moving. Over these next few weeks, we should be seeing some concrete floors going in place and some more extensive demo to prep for connection to existing building.

Elk Rapids High School Gym Addition and Phase 2:

Progress at the High School has been moving along well. Excavators are tearing out old parking lot and grading for new sidewalk along the North side of the school. With new masonry walls going up at main entry, this area will start taking shape more and more as summer progresses. Steel crews have finished in the gym area and you can see the new indoor track. Exterior metal panels are starting to go up so we can catch a glimpse of finished building.

Inside the High School contractors have demolished all old heating units and are preparing for new install once delivered. New walls and bulkheads are being built and skylights will soon be cut in. This area will be moving quickly to prepare for student occupation.

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