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Fall Construction Progress

With work inside schools completed until summer, crews have been hard at work in the High School and Middle School additions.

Elk Rapids High School Gym and Office Addition:

Contractors have been pushing hard at the Gym addition in preparation for winter. Temporary enclosures have been put up as we wait on glass installations and a temporary heat source has been turned on. Framers, drywallers, and painters have been working tirelessly as some finishes are taking shape. Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing contractors are finishing up overhead work and checking connections to create a quality end product.

Take a look at pictures below to see some progress. You can see that the gym/track structure has been painted and the locker rooms are taking shape.

The new office addition is nearly enclosed as well. HVAC contractors are installing all overhead ductwork as drywallers are hanging and finishing drywall walls. A temporary wall has been installed here to keep weather out as we have glass and frames built. You can see below that the skylights are installed, which will be a great source of natural light.

Elk Rapids Middle School Addition:

Work continues outside at the Middle School Addition. We are getting closer to having areas of this building enclosed as roofers are finishing up on the Northeast wing today. This will help immensely on keeping weather out and continuing on interior progress. After some speed bumps came up this summer when demolition exposed existing structural tie-on issues, footings have been dug and ready to be poured. This will allow steel structure to be connected. With that we can complete tie on to existing building and move forward enclosing other areas as well. As issues have been worked out, plumbers and electricians have moved forward with overhead piping in the Northeast wing. Masons have worked their way around the building with brick facade. Floors have been prepped and will be poured as roof is finished, protecting it from the elements.

Take a look at pictures below of some pictures showing progress made on exterior of the new addition.

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