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Christmas Break Construction Progress

While students are off enjoying the holidays, construction efforts continue at Elk Rapids Schools.

Elk Rapids High School Gym and Office Addition

Construction crews have been pushing hard through early winter to keep steady progress at the High School Gym and Office additions. Both of these areas are starting to take final shape as finishes are installed.

Below are some photos of the new Gymnasium. You can see finishes complete and scoreboards hung. Currently, contractors are working of wood floor subbase to prepare for new wood flooring.

Locker rooms are nearly complete as tile installers are finishing up shower areas so fixtures can be set. Many of the corridors are nearly ready for ceiling tiles to be installed and millwork is being set throughout. Carpenters have done a great job on the new trophy case shown in images below.

Contractors are making great progress at the concession area as well. Crews have done a quality job on extensive wall tile and millwork throughout. This area is nearing completion quickly with the bathrooms following close behind. Plumbers are starting to set toilets as tile installers are finishing walls.

Temporary walls came down at the new office area and crews are working hard to tie in ceilings. Carpenters are installing millwork along these rooms and flooring is following closely behind. Images below show progress being made.

Outside of the building, frames have been installed with glass to follow. Sidewalks have been excavated and concrete crews are working to get these areas formed and poured while weather permits. Mild winter weather has been beneficial to this work thus far.

Elk Rapids Middle School Addition

Contractors have been taking advantage of warmer weather to continue with progress at Cherryland Middle School. The new science wing has been continuing with progress as the Engineering team has worked through details on building tie in. The new main corridor is starting to take shape.

Below are a few photos showing structural steel taking shape at the main corridor.

Plumbers and HVAC installers were on site bright and early the day after Christmas coordinating a crane to set units in second floor mezzanine. Units were set on pads previously installed and will be pieced together after roof is built over them.

Down NE wing where roof was installed, all concrete slabs have been poured. This has opened this area up for overhead ductwork and piping. Window openings have been measured so windows can install as soon as fabricated next month. In the meantime, temporary enclosures will be built so heat can be run. This will allow more finish contractors to access this area. Progress can be seen in photos.

In preparation for new corridor steel, demo crews have removed old 6th grade bathrooms. Some portions of the floor have been removed so plumbers can place new underground piping and tie on to new system.

Thank you to all students, staff, and community as we work through these projects.

Happy Holidays!

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