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Spring is in the Air

"Spring is the time of plans and projects"

-Leo Tolstoy

Elk Rapids High School: Warmer weather on site means construction progress is heating up. Contractors have been rewarded recently with ideal weather for braving the winter months. If you have been by, you can see every day brings more progress.

Steel erectors has been busy at work erecting steel and installing roof structure. Some areas even have a roof on already. Masons has been making progress ahead of steel to finish out building walls. Electricians and plumbers have been steadily following along to ensure all piping and electrical can be hidden in walls. These contractors work hard to bring a quality end product.

It is getting easier and easier to envision a bustling athletic facility as progress is made. Seeing the locker rooms, weight room, and main gym take shape is an exciting time. From paper plans to physical walls on site, the community's vision is becoming a reality. Take a look below to see some photos.

Elk Rapids Cherryland Middle School: Across the street, building has been moving along in favorable Spring conditions. Contractors have made progress with great teamwork, mitigating issues before they arise.

Just as at the High School, masons have been pushing along and building walls as classrooms start to take shape. Electricians and plumbers have been staying ahead, meticulously planning locations of fixtures to keep piping and wiring hidden in walls. Underground piping is being installed to create reliable storm and waste systems. As students countdown to end of year, so are contractors. Planning to efficiently and safely complete construction in areas that will be free of students for summer. Keep an eye out these next couple of weeks and you may see some steel structure going up.

Classrooms are becoming visible as building progresses. The media center area and new bathrooms are coming together well. Take a look at pictures below where you can see these areas coming to life. On the aerial view, the area towards bottom left will be new science rooms. The area towards upper right will be new media center.

A big thank you to Middle School Principal, Josh Haggerty, for the aerial photos.

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